Saturday, August 20, 2011

idioms and phrases - B 1

   Idiomatic Pairs of Nouns

      List - 1

1. Bread and butter (material welfare)
 *  We should work hard for our   bread and butter.

2. Body and soul (entirely)
 *  Dinesh has given himself to the pursuit of pleasure, body and soul.

3. At the beck and call (at the service)
  *  My friend is always at my beck and call.

4. (To play) ducks and drakes (to waste money)
 *  Mohit has ruined himself by playing ducks and drakes.

5. (Through) fire and water (through every sort of difficulty)
 *  Seema remained with Sohan through fire and water.

6. Flesh and blood (human nature)
 *  Flesh and blood can bear it no longer.

7. ( By) fits and starts (irregularly)
 *  Mita does her work by fits and starts.

8. Fire and fury (enthusiasm)
*  The Principal's speech was full of fire and fury.

9. By hook or by crook (by fair or foul means)
 *  Today, every one wants to get ajob by hook or crook.

10. Heart and soul (earnestly)
 *  He is working heart and soul to pass the examination in a good division.

11. Kith and kin (blood relations)
  *  One should love one's kith and kin.

12. By leaps and bounds (rapidly)
  *  The population of India is increasing by leaps and bounds.

13. Over head and ears (excessively)
  *  He is running in debt over head and ears.


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