Friday, July 8, 2011

idioms and phrases - A 1

1. Achilles' heel (one weak point in a man's character) John is a heavy drunkard. This is an Achilles' heel. He is sure to be insulted in life.

2. An apple of discord (cause of contention ) This house is an apple of contention  between Mohan and Sohan.

3.The apple of one's eye ( very dear ) Kamla is the apple of her parents' eye.

4. Animal spirits ( vigour and vivacity of healthy youth ) Mohit is full of animal spirits.

5.Apple-pie order ( neat and clean )  She puts her house in apple-pie order.

6.Augean stables ( a great abuse ) The minister is trying hard to cleanse the Augean stable of corruption and bribery.

7.A beast of prey (a beast that lives by killing and eating other animals ) The lion is a beast of prey.

8.A bed of roses ( avery comfortable situation ) Life is not a bed of roses.

9.A bird of passage ( a person who wanders from place to place )Shamu is a bird of passage.

10. A black sheep (an evil person ) Decoits are black sheep in a good society.

11.A blue stocking ( a lady who pretends to be of literary taste ) It is true that a blue stocking does not make a good domestic wife.

12. A big-gun (a person of great importance ) Amitabh Bachchan is a big-gun in film industry.

13.A bull in China shop (presence of a person at a place where he will do a great damage) A mad man among sanes is like a bull in a China shop

14.A cock and bull story ( a  false story ) A wise man should never believe a cock and bull story.

15. A chicken-hearted fellow ( a cowardly fellow ) Sonu cannot face his enemy. He is a chicken hearted fellow.

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