Friday, July 8, 2011

idioms and phrases - E

Adverbial Phrases

1. In the nick of time (just at the right time)
  *  He reached the office in the nick of time.

2. In full swing (at its peak activity)
  *  The cllege is now running in the full swing.

3. At the eleventh hour (at the last moment)
  *  It is not a good habit to do any work at the eleventh hour.

4. At stake (in danger)
  *  If you do not keep your word, your fame will be at stake.

5. Out of sorts (unwell)
  *  Ramakant is out of sorts these days.

6. Well off (in a sound position)
  *   Mukesh is well off these days.

7. With might and main (with full power)
  *   I will do my work with might and main.


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