Sunday, September 4, 2011

idioms and phrases - C

  Idiomatic Pairs of Adjectives

1. All in all (Supreme, of the first importance )

*  The Principal is the all in all in college.

2. All and sundry (all without distinction)

 *  He invited all and sundry to the feast.

3. In black and white (in writing)

  *  The witness gave his statement in black and white.

4. Fair and square (honest and proper)

  *  The sons made a fair and square distribution of their ancestral property among themselves.

5. Blow hot and cold (to be in favour at one time and against at another)

  *  Harish blows hot and cold. None believes him.

6. Hard and fast (strict, definite)

  *  There is no hard and fast rule in English.

7. High and low (everywhere)

  *  God is high and low.

8. Long and short (the sum and substance)

  *  Please tell me the long and short of this matter.

9. Rough and ready (not elaborate)
  *   I have prepared a rough and ready scheme for building my house.

10. Slow and steady (resolute,constant)
  *  Slow and ateady wins the race.

11.Safe and sound (quite well)
  * Mukesh returned from forest safe and sound.

12. Right or wrong (if it be right or wrong)

  *  Right or wrong, I will do this work.

13. Well and good (well as a thing goes)

  *  Well and good, you should try to help her.

14. Better half (wife)
  *  My better half is a good companion of mine.

15. High and mighty (arrogant)
  *  The manager is very high and mighty in his behaviour.

16. (At ) sixes and seven (in a state of disorder)
  *  When I reached his house, I found his books at sixes and sevens.



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