Monday, September 5, 2011

Idioms And Phrases

     Idioms And Phrases

 There are a number of idioms and phrases in English language.They, though cannot be translated as such, add to its beauty and forceful expression to a great extent.Good and impressive English requires their use in written as well as oral statements.Therefore,in order to pick up an impressive and workable knowledge of English, every learner should be familiar with them.:---

( A )  Idiomatic Adjective And Noun Phrases -1
         Idiomatic Adjective And Noun Phrases -2
         Idiomatic Adjective And Noun Phrases -3
         Idiomatic Adjective And Noun Phrases -4
         Idiomatic Adjective And Noun Phrases -5
 ( B )  Idiomatic Pairs of Nouns ___part-1
          Idiomatic Pairs of Nouns ___part-2

 ( C )  Idiomatic Pairs of Adjectives

 ( D )  Idiomatic Pairs of Adverbs

 ( E )  Adverbial Phrases

 ( F )   Prepositional  Phrases

 ( G )  Idiomatic  Verbal  Expressions -1
          Idiomatic  Verbal  Expressions -2
          Idiomatic  Verbal  Expressions -3
          Idiomatic  Verbal  Expressions -4
          Idiomatic  Verbal  Expressions -5
          Idiomatic  Verbal  Expressions -6
          Idiomatic  Verbal  Expressions -7

Sunday, September 4, 2011

idioms and phrases - C

  Idiomatic Pairs of Adjectives

1. All in all (Supreme, of the first importance )

*  The Principal is the all in all in college.

2. All and sundry (all without distinction)

 *  He invited all and sundry to the feast.

3. In black and white (in writing)

  *  The witness gave his statement in black and white.

4. Fair and square (honest and proper)

  *  The sons made a fair and square distribution of their ancestral property among themselves.

5. Blow hot and cold (to be in favour at one time and against at another)

  *  Harish blows hot and cold. None believes him.

6. Hard and fast (strict, definite)

  *  There is no hard and fast rule in English.

7. High and low (everywhere)

  *  God is high and low.

8. Long and short (the sum and substance)

  *  Please tell me the long and short of this matter.

9. Rough and ready (not elaborate)
  *   I have prepared a rough and ready scheme for building my house.

10. Slow and steady (resolute,constant)
  *  Slow and ateady wins the race.

11.Safe and sound (quite well)
  * Mukesh returned from forest safe and sound.

12. Right or wrong (if it be right or wrong)

  *  Right or wrong, I will do this work.

13. Well and good (well as a thing goes)

  *  Well and good, you should try to help her.

14. Better half (wife)
  *  My better half is a good companion of mine.

15. High and mighty (arrogant)
  *  The manager is very high and mighty in his behaviour.

16. (At ) sixes and seven (in a state of disorder)
  *  When I reached his house, I found his books at sixes and sevens.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

idioms and phrases - D

Idiomatic Pairs of Adverbs

1. Again and again (very often)
*  One must try again and again to achieve one's goal.

2. Once for all (finally)
  *  Ihave settled the matter once for all.

3. By and by (gradually)
  *  By and by he has won three promotions.

4. Over and above (besides)
  *  He was awarded rupees five hundred over and above a shield.
5. Ever and anon (now and then)
  *  He comes to me ever and anon.

6. Off hand (without forethought)
  *  Very few people can talk on literary topics off hand.

7. By heart (to commit to memory)
  *  Our ancestors used to learn every-thing by heart.

8. Far and wide (everywhere)
  *  Mrs. Gandhi's fame haspread far and wide.

9. Few and far between (very small in number)
  *  Persons of Tulsi's merit are few and far between.

10. First and foremost (of greatest priority)
  *   Our first and foremost duty should be to unite the country as a whole.

11. Hither and thither (here and there)
  *  The teacher wandered hither and thither in the class to check the exercise-books.

12. On the spur of the moment (at once)
  *  He replied the letter on the of the moment.

13. Off and on (occassionally)
  *  I visit the library off and on.

14. Out and out (completely)
  *  This book is out and out a standard book.

15.Through and through (completely)
  *  Seeing the lion, Mohan was frightened through and through.

16. Once and again (repeatedly)
  *  The teacher told the student once and again to be punctual in the class.

17. To and fro (backward and forward)
  *  The fox was wandering to and fro in search of food.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

idioms and phrases - B 1

   Idiomatic Pairs of Nouns

      List - 1

1. Bread and butter (material welfare)
 *  We should work hard for our   bread and butter.

2. Body and soul (entirely)
 *  Dinesh has given himself to the pursuit of pleasure, body and soul.

3. At the beck and call (at the service)
  *  My friend is always at my beck and call.

4. (To play) ducks and drakes (to waste money)
 *  Mohit has ruined himself by playing ducks and drakes.

5. (Through) fire and water (through every sort of difficulty)
 *  Seema remained with Sohan through fire and water.

6. Flesh and blood (human nature)
 *  Flesh and blood can bear it no longer.

7. ( By) fits and starts (irregularly)
 *  Mita does her work by fits and starts.

8. Fire and fury (enthusiasm)
*  The Principal's speech was full of fire and fury.

9. By hook or by crook (by fair or foul means)
 *  Today, every one wants to get ajob by hook or crook.

10. Heart and soul (earnestly)
 *  He is working heart and soul to pass the examination in a good division.

11. Kith and kin (blood relations)
  *  One should love one's kith and kin.

12. By leaps and bounds (rapidly)
  *  The population of India is increasing by leaps and bounds.

13. Over head and ears (excessively)
  *  He is running in debt over head and ears.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

idioms and phrases - B 2

 Idiomatic Pairs of Nouns 
    List - 2

14. Ins and Outs ( ull details)
  *  Everyone should know the ins and outs of their business.

15. Under lock and key (in a safe place)
  *  Kanta keeps her ornaments under lock and key.

16. Latin and Greek (unintelligible)
  *  Her speech proved to be Latin and Greek to the audience.

17. Odds and ends (bits)
  *  The last chapter of his thesis deals with odds and ends.

18. Pros and cons (For and against)
  *  Please consider the pros and cons of this issue.

19.Time and tide (course of time)
 *  Time and tide wait for none.

20. Tooth and nail (vehemently)
 *  Gandhiji fought for India's freedom tooth and nail.

21. Part and parcel (a thing which is a component part of a specified whole)
 *  Every citizen should consider himself as a part and  parcel of India.

22.The rank and file (all with distinction)
 *  The government should make schemes keeping in view the wider interest of the rank and file.

23. Sum and substance (the whole meaning)
  *  He told me the sum and substance of his plans.

24. Ups and downs (change in fortunes)
  *  Life is full of ups and downs.

25. Null and void (illegal)
  *  The order of the court has become null and void.

26. Ways and means (neccessary funds)
  *  We should find out ways and means to carry out our plans.