Thursday, September 1, 2011

idioms and phrases - D

Idiomatic Pairs of Adverbs

1. Again and again (very often)
*  One must try again and again to achieve one's goal.

2. Once for all (finally)
  *  Ihave settled the matter once for all.

3. By and by (gradually)
  *  By and by he has won three promotions.

4. Over and above (besides)
  *  He was awarded rupees five hundred over and above a shield.
5. Ever and anon (now and then)
  *  He comes to me ever and anon.

6. Off hand (without forethought)
  *  Very few people can talk on literary topics off hand.

7. By heart (to commit to memory)
  *  Our ancestors used to learn every-thing by heart.

8. Far and wide (everywhere)
  *  Mrs. Gandhi's fame haspread far and wide.

9. Few and far between (very small in number)
  *  Persons of Tulsi's merit are few and far between.

10. First and foremost (of greatest priority)
  *   Our first and foremost duty should be to unite the country as a whole.

11. Hither and thither (here and there)
  *  The teacher wandered hither and thither in the class to check the exercise-books.

12. On the spur of the moment (at once)
  *  He replied the letter on the of the moment.

13. Off and on (occassionally)
  *  I visit the library off and on.

14. Out and out (completely)
  *  This book is out and out a standard book.

15.Through and through (completely)
  *  Seeing the lion, Mohan was frightened through and through.

16. Once and again (repeatedly)
  *  The teacher told the student once and again to be punctual in the class.

17. To and fro (backward and forward)
  *  The fox was wandering to and fro in search of food.


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