Friday, July 8, 2011

idioms and phrases - F

 Prepositional  Phrases

1. In the teeth of  in the face of)
  *   He could do nothing in the teeth of danger.

2. In quest of (in search of)
  *  He went to market in the quest of his friend.

3. Instead of (in place of)
  *  One may offer Hindi Literature instead of Sanskrit.

4. In the air (under consideration)
  *  The proposal to grant high salary grades is still in the air.

5. In case of (under certain condition)
  *  In case of sickness, he will not be able to act in the play.

6. In the heart of  (in the centre of)

 *  Jama Masjid is situated in the heart of Delhi.

7. In view of (considering)
  *  In view of his qualifications, he must be selected for the job.

8. In a nutshell (in short)
  *  I can explain in a nutshell.

9. In the nick of time (just in time)
  *   Bihari reached the meeting in the nick of time.

10. Under the thumb of (under control of)
  *  Mahesh is under the control of his wife.

11. At home in (familiar with)
  *  Mr. Tiwari is at home in English.

12. In vogue (in fashion)
  *  Steel utensils are now in vogue.

13. At sea (perplexed)
  *  When my younger brother was falsely involved in a case, I was at sea.

14. From pillar to post (from one place to another)
  *  An unemployed man has to run from pillar to post in search of a job.

15. Between the devil and the deep sea (between two equal dangers)
  *  Mr. Gyan was asked either to resign  his post or to turn the refuge out of his house . He was between the devil and the deep sea.

16. At odds (in conflict)
  *  The Principal and the manager are at odds these days.

17. In the dumps (in low spirits)
  *   Owing to several hardships, Kiran  is in the dumps these days.

18. At large (at liberty)
  *  His dog being at large bit his friends.



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