Friday, July 8, 2011

idioms and phrases - A 5

61.Bag and baggage (with all one's luggage ) The inspector has left Agra , bag and baggage.

62.A bolt  from the blue (a sudden and unexpected misfortune ) The news of General Vaidya's assassination came to the countrymen as abolt from the blue.

63.Castles in the air (imaginary schemes )Mr. Bharat always builds castles in air. He has done nothing.

64.A cat and dog life (a quarrelsome life ) Girish and Kalpana are husband and wife.They are leading a cat and dog life.

65.A man of word (one who fulfills his promise )He will do what he has said .He is a man of word.

66.A storm in a  tea-cup (a big quarrel over a triffle )The brothers fought for a small piece of cloth. It proved to be a storm in a tea cup.

67.A Jack of all trades ( a person turning his hand to any kind of business but not expert in aything ) He is a jack of all trades but master of none.

68.The lion's share ( the major portion ) The eldest brother tried to get the lion' share in his father's property.

69.A man of spirit ( a courageous man ) He faced his enemy boldly. He is a man of spirit.

70,.A man of parts ( a man of extraordinary qualities ) Lal Bahadur Shastri was a man of parts .

71.The milk of human kindness ( kind feelings ) Macbeth full of the milk of human kindness .

72.Penelope's web ( an endless job )The problem of Punjab has become a Penelope's web.

73.The sinews of war ( money and material to carry on war ) The bodies of men and money may be justly called the sinews of war.

74.A serpant in the egg 9in the initial stage ) We must not let the evil grow , we must      kill a serpant in  the egg.

75.A stone's throw (very near ) His college  is not more than at a stone's throw from the home.

76.A sword of Democles ( a hovering danger) The danger of the third world war is always hanging over our heads like the sword of Democles .

77.A Yeoman's service ( exellent work ) Abdul Hamid did a Yeoman's service during The Indo-Pak War of 1965.

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