Friday, July 8, 2011

idioms and phrases - A 4

46. A swan song (an achievement before death) "The Testament of Beauty "was the swan song of " Robert Bridges."

47.A Utopian scheme (an ideal plan) Gandhiji's Harijan Uplift movement was an Utopian scheme.

48.An uphill task ( a very difficult task) Indo-Pak Pact  on   Nuclear disarmament  seems to be uphill task.

49.A tall talk ( boastful talk ) Kamal should not indulge in tall talk, otherwise none will believe him.

50.A thankless task ( selfless work for which one should expect nothing) Do not help him in his mischiefs. It   is a thankless task.

51.A wet blanket ( a person whose presence checks enthusiasm) Do not request him to attend the meeting. He is a wet blanket.

52.A white elephant (a highly priced thing) A car for a peon is a white elephant.

53.A wild goose chase (a foolish attempt) To pass the I.A.S. examination, is a wild goose chase without hard labour.

54. A slow coach (a dull fellow ) Harish is a slow coach. He cannot succeed in his mission.

55.A.B.C. ( elementary knowledge ) Hira does not know even the A.B.C. of Urdu.

56.Alpha and omega (the begining and the end ) Alpha and omega of the whole discussion is that you must work hard.

57.A snake in the grass (a secret foe ) Beware of him. He is a snake in the grass.

58.Birds of the same feather (persons of similar character ) Birds of the same feather flock together.

59.Child's play (easy matter ) Teaching is not achild's play ; it is  a tough job.

60.Cog in the machine (an unimportant part of something ) Generally people do not care for a cog in the machine.

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