Friday, July 8, 2011

idioms and phrases - A 2

16. A close-fisted man (miser) Mukesh does not spend money on neccessary things. He is a close-fisted man.

17. A cry in in the wilderness (an ineffective demand ) If we do not have a sound basis for demands, they will prove a cry in the wilderness.

18.A fool's paradise (false expectations) It is harmful to live in a fool's paradise.

19.A man of letters (a literary man ) Pt. Nehru was a man of letters.

20.A cold blooded murder (deliberate and cruel murder ) We should condemn a cold blooded murder.

21.A broken reed (a weak support ) In my calamity my friend proved to be a broken reed.

22.Crocodile tears (pretended sorrow ) He is worried about his brother's death. He is simply shedding crocodile tears.

23. A clean slate ( a fresh begining ) Mr. Rajiv Gandhi started with a clean slate in politics.

24.Dutch courage (courage excited by wine ) Some soldiers acquire dutch courage in the battle field.

25.Evil-genius (an able person beat upon doing mischief ) Ravan was an evil-genius.

26.Fair play (no underhand play )We should observe fair play in every walk  of life.

27.A fair-weather friend (a friend who deserts us in bad days) Life is full of fair-weather friends.

28.The fag end (the close ) He is at the fag end of the staff-roll.

29.A Herculean Task (A hard task )The solution of dowry system is a Herculean task.

30.A gala day ( a colourful day ) 15th August is a gala day in the History of India.

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