Friday, April 5, 2013

idioms and phrases - G 4

List - 4

 61. To get the upper hand ( to get the superior position )
  ** The two swimmers are trying to get the upper over each other in the swimming competition.

 62. To get into hot water ( to be in difficult and complicated circumstances )
  ** Vijay has picked up a quarrel with his boss. He has now got into hot water.

 63. To go to the wall ( to fare badly )
  ** The poorest have to go to the wall.

 64. To gird up the loins ( to be ready )
  ** Everyone should gird up the loins for service of motherland.

 65. To give up the ghost ( to die )
  ** The old man has given up the ghost this evening.

 66. To give the devil his due ( to give a bad man credit for his good deeds )
  ** The evil personrarely does a good deed. If he does so, please give the devil his due.

 67. To go with the tide ( to do as the others do )
  ** When in other countries, we should not impose our traditions on others. We should go with the tide.

 68. To go with a tail between the legs ( to go with a beaten cowardly look )
  ** When Shetty was surrounded, he had to go with a tail between his legs.

 69. To graese the palm ( to bribe )
  ** I could not get an appointment in the police department as I did not grease the palm of the recruiting officer.

 70. To go through the fire and water ( to undertake all sort of risks )
  ** Mahatma Gandhi went through fire and water to unite the Hindus and Muslims.

 71. To have an old head on young shoulders ( to be wiser than one's age )
  ** Priya has an old head on her young shoulders.

 72. To have too many irons in fire ( to be engaged in too many enterprises )
  ** He has no time to spare since he has too many irons in fire.

 73. To have an axe to grind ( to have some private end to serve )
  ** He visits his boss daily at his home. Perhaps he has an axe to grind.

 74. To harp on the same string ( to dwell upon the same subject repeatedly )
  ** He keeps talking of his family. By so doing he harps on the same string.

 75. To hit the nail on the head ( to speak to the point )
  ** He spoke on some national problems. Really, he hit the nail on the head.

 76. To have a thing at one's fingertips ( to know a thing thorohghly )
  ** He has all the formulae of the mathematics at his fingertips.

 77. To hold good ( to remain in force )
  ** The Hindu Code Bill is still holds good.

 78. To hold water ( to stand examination )
  ** This argument  does not hold water.

 79. To hunt with hounds and run with the hare (to play a double and deceitful game )
  ** No one should play a double game. It is not good to hunt with the hounds and run with the hare.

 80. To hang in the balance ( to remain undecided )
  ** The fate of Punjab is hanging in the balance.


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