Friday, April 5, 2013

idioms and phrases - G 5

List - 5

 81. To hope against hope ( to hope even when  the case is almost hopeless )
  ** He has made no preparation for the examination yet he hopes against hope that he will pass.

 82. To have clean hands ( to be perfectly innocent )
  ** He has nothing to fear as he has clean hands.

 83. To hold one's tongue ( to stop talking )
  ** His father was speaking. So he had to hold his tongue.

 84. To have the gift of the gab ( to have a talent for speaking )
  ** Mr. Sharma has the gift of the gab, so he has risen in the eyes of the public.

 85. To hit below the belt ( to play foul )
  ** Please try to convince me, Do not hit below the belt.

 86. To have a finger in every pie ( to mendle in every affair )
  ** It is not a good habit to have a finger in every pie.

 87. To join the majority ( to die )
  ** Everyone has to join the majority one day or the other.

 88. To keep the wolf from the door ( to avoid starvation )
  ** He works day and night to keep the wolf from the door.

 89. To keep abreast of ( to go with the time )
  ** We must keep abreast of time.

 90. To kill two birds with one stone ( to succeed in two things by making one effort )
  ** To help the poor is to do both social and national service. It is just killing two birds with one stone.

 91. To keep another in dark ( to keep in ignorance )
  ** He does not say what he is going to do. He keeps another in the dark.

 92. To keep pace with ( to go with the same speed as others )
  ** India should keep pace with the other forward countries of the west.

 93. To laugh in one's sleeves ( to laugh secretly )
  ** When Mr. Sharma began to boast himself, I laughed in my sleeves.

 94. To leave one in lurch ( to desert a person in a difficult situation )
  ** When his friend needed help, he left him in lurch.

 95. To leave the beaten track ( to do something uncommon )
  ** I am a man of progressive views. So I want to leave the beaten track.

 96. To leave no stone unturned ( to use all possible means )
  ** He left no stone unturned to please his employer.

 97. To let the cat out of the bag ( to disclose a secret )
  ** Pakistan is supporting infiltrators, but it does not let the cat out of the bag.

 98. To lead a cat and dog life ( to be always quarreling )
  ** Ramesh and his wife are leading a cat and dog life.

 99. To lick the dust ( to come to humiliation )
  ** Ibrahim Lodi had to lick the dust in the first battle of Panipat with Babar.

100. To lend a hand ( to help )
  ** We should lend a hand to the poor.


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