Friday, April 5, 2013

idioms and phrases - G 6

List - 6

101. To live from hand to mouth ( to lead the life of bare neccessities )
  ** Hari is a poor man. He lives from hand to mouth.

102. To make headway ( to make progress )
  ** Mohan is making headway in his life.

103. To make amends for ( to compensate  )
  ** The aggressive man made amendments for the harm he made to his enemy.

104. To make a mountain of a molehill ( to exaaggerate a thing ) 
  ** The enemy tried to make a a mountain of a molehimm to lower my reputation.

105. To make an ass of oneself ( to act foolishly )
  ** He made a mistake in the meeting and made an ass of himself.

106. To make both ends meet ( to live within one's income )
  ** He is a poor man. He hardly makes both ends meet.

107. To move heaven and earth ( to do one's best )
  ** I shall move heaven and earth to improve my division.

108. To nip in the bud ( to destroy at an early stage )
  ** He planned for a mischief but it was nipped in the bud.

109. To pay one back in one's own coin ( to give tit for tat )
  ** One day me misbehaved with me. I, too, paid him back in his own coin.

110. To pick holes in another's pocket ( to find fault with others )
  **   A mischievous man always tries to pick holes in another's pocket.

111. To play a second fiddle ( to be in subordinate position )
  ** Mr. Verma is not prepared to play a second fiddle to anyone.

112. To play one's trump card (to use one's best chance of success)
  ** It is bad to play one's trump card to defeat others.

113. To put the cart before the horse ( to reverse the natural order )
 ** To teach multiplicatin before counting is to put the cart before the horse.

114. To play ducks and drakes ( to waste money )
  ** Do not play ducks and drakes otherwise none will help you in a rainy day.

115. To pocket an insult ( to bear an insult )
  ** He tried to befool his friend. But when the fact was discovered he had to pocket an insult.

116. To play the truant ( to be absent without leave )
  ** Most of our staff members play the truant.

117. To plough the sand ( to do something useless )
  ** Why are you ploughing the sand by helping the vagabond.

118. To pull one's leg ( to play a joke upon )
  ** Generally old students pull new students' legs.

119. To rain cats and dogs ( to rain heavily )
  ** It is raining cats and dogs.

120. To read between the lines ( to trace the hidden meaning )
  ** He has given me a notice. I am trying to read between the lines.


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